Saturday, June 21, 2014

How to get your cleaning deposit back??

Are you getting ready to move?  Would you like to get the most back from your security deposit?  Here are some ideas to help with the cleaning process!

We highly recommend taking pictures when you take possession, but BEFORE you move your belongings in. A video is even better. Keep this safe until move out and turn it in with your keys.

 Documentation is a beautiful thing!!  Most Property Managers/Land lords will ask you to fill out a property condition report. DO IT!! Be thorough make note of anything and everything. Don't rush this part of the process.  The more you note the better and please please please make a copy for yourself! 

Call your property manager and request a copy of your inspection check-list.  This will give you a very good idea as to what your home inspector will be looking for on your final walk thru.  Use that check off list as your "cleaning to do list"!

 Pay a professional to clean your home. Often tenants will budget a set amount of time to move and a set amount of time for cleaning. Unfortunately,  moving always takes longer than expected and that cuts into cleaning time. 

Get your carpets professionally cleaned!    If you are renting a home with carpets we highly recommend getting the carpets cleaned at the very end of your moving process, so you will have the best results for your inspector.  Professionals have experience getting out those hard to clean stains!!  In the end the extra cash out at the beginning might be extra cash back from your deposit!

  Landscaping, landscaping, landscaping!  Make sure you lawn is freshly mowed and edged, the grass has been weeded, and you have picked up all of Fido's droppings:)

Change light bulbs, filters and batteries!  Sometimes when we are moving we have so much on our plate that it is hard to remember this one. Make sure each fixture has a new light bulb, working batteries are installed in your smoke detectors and if you have a HVAC system change the filter in it!

Double check and Triple check these items! Windows, window sills, areas around the toilets, blinds, cabinets, and drawers.  These are hard to reach or hard to see areas that most people forget to clean.  Attention to detail on these areas will definitely be to your advantage!

Finally and most importantly, brace yourself this once may hurt a bit, but we are going to ask that you be realistic. Most move-outs require a little work and a few charges to the security deposit. Keep good records and give yourself plenty of time to take care of issues and you should get most if not all of your deposit back!

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