Saturday, July 19, 2014

Only you can prevent fires!!

With summer well under way "Fire Danger" should be a topic on mind!  Fire Danger is something none of us as renters want to think could ever happen to us, however National Fire Protection Association stated in a recent article estimates that the " U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 366,600 home structure fires per year during the five-year-period of 2007-2011."  
WOW!!  So what can we do to prevent house fires??

Please make sure that your home as an adequate amount of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home.  Those helpful detectors can save lives, so make sure they have working batteries as well! 

Have your home inspected!   Recruit, or even hire, someone experienced in home electrical wiring, plumbing (gas), heating, and air conditioning to ensure that it is thoroughly inspected.

Blow out candles or even better use flame-less candles!  We all love the ambiance and smell of a yummy candle, but please, please, please don't forget to blow the candle out!!  

Maintain your fire place!  Request a chimney inspection once a year to make sure it is operating correctly!

Stay in the kitchen when cooking!  This one might sound like a no brainer, but when cooking it can be easier that you think to get distracted and walk away from a heated burner!  The phone might ring, a child may need your attention , or a neighbor may come to the door to borrow a cup of sugar.  No matter what eliminate the "multitasking" while cooking at your stove! 

Christmas time is a wonderful time of year, but with that comes extra care and caution!  When choosing a Christmas Tree for your home make sure you give it a "daily dose of water goodness" so it won't dry out! Last but not least, please  don't leave your Christmas tree lights on while away from your home!  Save the beauty for when you are home to monitor the tree!

Get Renters Insurance!!!!  All of these tips are great tips, but please if you take note of any of our tips write this one down and then follow thru so you can be protected too!!  Renters insurance is a very low cost effective option.  Please take a moment to put yourself in this scenario....  Imagine you have experienced a house fire,  there is damage everywhere in the interior and exterior of your house, your carpet, walls, furniture, and overall house have the heavy scent of smoke,  your belongings are damaged , and you don't have renter's insurance!!!!  What a nightmare!  A house fire is a horrible thing for anyone to have to go through, but with Renter's Insurance it can make the process much smoother!

We hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week and don't forget these helpful hints so you  can help prevent house fires!


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